Arizona DUI – Arizona DUI attorney providing a DUI defense in Arizona. It is imperative that an experienced Arizona DUI attorney help build your list of defenses and witnesses to dispute these charges. Dui in Arizona is a serious offense, which can be disputed by the best DUI defense Arizona has to offer.

An Arizona DUI attorney can research the DUI law in Arizona to help defend your rights in both the civil and criminal side of your case. The first DUI defense which must be addressed is through the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). A defendant only has fifteen days from the date of violation to request a hearing to avoid an initial DUI related suspension of your driving privileges. ADOT has the right to suspend your driving privileges for a ninety period for an Arizona DUI citation. If your blood alcohol content is over a .08, ADOT will be forced to trigger the DUI related suspension. The first thirty days is a straight suspension and the remaining sixty days you should be eligible for a work restricted permit. The work restricted permit is valid to travel to and from work, school, a treatment facility and during work.

Arizona DUI citations can trigger the civil driving privileges suspension. An Arizona DUI attorney can research the DUI law in Arizona and build your defense is essential in avoiding the penalties of the tough Arizona DUI laws. A DUI in Arizona can be challenged with an aggressive DUI defense Arizona lawyer.

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