Phoenix DUI, a DUI arrest in Phoenix must be challenged. A strong defense can be established to dispute these allegations. An aggressive Phoenix DUI attorney will explore any and all defenses that can be raised in your case.

Did the arresting officer have reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle in Phoenix, Arizona, and issue you a DUI citation?

Did the arresting officer have probable cause to arrest you for a DUI? Did the arresting officer violate any of your constitutional rights?

Did the arresting officer follow all of his/her departmental procedures during your arrest?

Did the arresting officer obtain and properly analyze the blood or breath evidence collected in your case?

Did the breath testing device work accurately and reliably when you were tested?

Weintraub & Weintraub experienced and aggressive Phoenix DUI attorneys can research the potential issues in your case. A defense must be built to avoid a phoenix DUI conviction in Arizona. DUI phoenix can be challenged with the right arguments. A DUI defense in Phoenix can be established. Call today for a free initial consultation.

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