Phoenix DUI attorney, also serving Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Arizona. A DUI citation in Phoenix will lead to an arraignment date in the Phoenix Municipal Court. A DUI attorney Phoenix can make this appearance on your behalf. The arraignment for a DUI Phoenix will usually take place within ten days of a DUI in Phoenix arrest. At the arraignment a Phoenix DUI attorney will enter a not guilty plea on the defendant’s behalf. The Court will set a pre-trial conference usually within thirty days of the arraignment.

At your first pre-trial conference a Phoenix DUI attorney will evaluate the departmental reports issued in your case and meet with the city of Phoenix prosecutor assigned to your case. An aggressive DUI attorney in Phoenix will strive toward a dismissal or a reduction of the charges filed against you. In the alternative, an experienced Phoenix DUI attorney will enter into plea negotiations with the State. If plea negotiations are unsuccessful, your case can be set for a jury trial or plead to the Judge assigned to your case. A DUI allegation must be challenged by an aggressive Phoenix DUI attorney. We are confident that our Phoenix Arizona DUI attorney can help build your list of defenses and witnesses.

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