Phoenix DUI lawyer, DUI in Arizona resulting in a conviction can carry significant consequences. What you need to prevent possible fines and consequences is a professional Phoenix DUI defense. Arizona DUI law requires mandatory time in jail, ranging anywhere from twenty-four hours in a county facility to several years in the Arizona Department of Corrections. It is imperative to build a list of defenses and witnesses to dispute any allegations of DUI.

DUI law in Arizona has changed dramatically over the last few years. A Phoenix DUI lawyer can investigate both the civil and criminal side of a case. The goal is to build a defense to avoid a DUI conviction. Utilizing a Phoenix DUI lawyer can help obtain this goal. A DUI in Arizona will result in mandatory time in custody. A strong defense needs to be built to help overcome the allegations of a DUI. Let a Phoenix DUI lawyer help decipher Arizona’s strict DUI law.

If you believe you were wrongly accused of drinking and driving, then you need a professional phoenix DUI lawyer. Our phoenix DUI lawyer is highly experienced in DUI in Arizona cases. We will give you a strong Phoenix DUI defense in Court because we know what it takes to challenge Arizona DUI statutes.

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