One of the most important places in a city is its airport. Of course, this is where you will first meet a particular city if you intend to fly. In case you are going to the Phoenix Arizona area, you should also take the time to check out its airport. It actually has a great airport and has a number of flights per day. This is where a lot of the transportation activities are going on. It also serves a number of major airlines in the industry. You will really see the progress of the city through the airport.

The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix AZ is considered as the biggest airport in the state of Arizona. It is also considered as the busiest airport, with a number of flights on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, it also serves the biggest airlines in the aviation industry, including Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. Both of these airlines, along with Ameriflight, have their hubs at the Sky Harbor International Airport.

This particular airport also has a great history. In fact, you should try to do a little bit of research to understand its history. The Sky Harbor is actually not the first airport in Phoenix Arizona. As a matter of fact, it was the 4th one that was built. It was created and established during the year 1928. It was originally created by Scenic Airways. However, due to the crash in the stock market, that particular airline eventually closed. Then, the airport was owned by the Acme Investment Company. During the 1930s, American Airlines then began to operate in the area. A lot of passengers started to fly on this route.

Later on, the airport was bought by the government of Phoenix. Soon, newer passenger terminals were built in order to accommodate more passengers. Eventually, the Sky Harbor International Airport was expanded to accommodate other passenger terminals.

Try to visit the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to discover more about the history of the aviation industry in the area. You will surely have a lot of fun checking out the different information. So even if you are not traveling by air, make sure that you visit this particular airport in Phoenix AZ.